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Rise Treatment Center

Rise Treatment Center

Alicante is a popular travel destination and resort city in southern Spain. It attracts over 3 million tourist a year thanks to its combination of great weather, beaches, and outdoor activities. It is this combination that has helped make Rise Treatment Centre a popular destination for individuals seeking treatment for their eating disorders.

Rise Treatment Centre purely focuses on treating individuals with their eating disorders. Clients who have attended the treatment facility’s recovery program have been able to live a healthier lifestyle.

Rise Treatment Centre was founded in 2019 and in just a short time, has become a top destination for individuals fighting for their lives seeking treatment with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.

The luxury rehab was started by Derk Versteegh due to a lack of high-quality clinics in Europe specializing in eating disorders. Versteegh aims to help individuals with specialist care dedicated to improving the lives of others. Versteegh witnessed eating disorders first-hand as a loved one struggled to overcome their eating problems.

Rise Treatment Centre specializes in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, OSFED, ARFID, and co-occurring disorders. When treating a client’s eating disorder, Rise Treatment Centre’s programs target the underlying mental health issues that trigger the problem. Experts stress that an eating disorder is not about food. There is a deeper, underlying problem causing the eating disorder.

According to the staff at Rise Medical Centre, individuals with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or other eating disorders regularly exhibit co-occurring problems or diseases. To treat clients, it is vital to understand the co-occurring disorder and its symptoms. Once links to the disorder and symptoms can be made, then a treatment plan is created to help the client make a full recovery.

Often times, individuals suffering from an eating disorder are not treated for their co-occurring disorder. This prevents clients from making a full recovery and the eating disorder to be triggered again. The staff at Rise Treatment Centre focuses on all aspects of treating the client.

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    Clients stay in traditional Spanish villas with modern amenities during their recovery. Communal areas make it possible for clients to converse and spend time together. A swimming pool and patio area outside of each villa allow guests to enjoy the beautiful Spanish weather and get mood boosting Vitamin B.

    What is a day like at Rise Treatment Centre?

    Clients can attend Rise Treatment Centre’s residential program for up to 12 weeks. The luxury rehab’s residential program is a minimum of six weeks long allowing enough time to diagnosis and treat each individual. Clients undergo physical, psychological, and social recovery during their stays.

    Rise Treatment Centre’s residential recovery program is an evidence-based holistic approach. It focuses on the root of the eating disorder allowing clients to work on the necessary areas to fix the issue. The rehab’s staff uses a wide range of methods to treat clients including EMDR, CBT, CBT-E, ACT, PMT, mindfulness, and psycho-education. Clients will also experience yoga and gym workouts to improve the mind and body. There are also assisted eating, System/Family Therapy, organic gardening classes, and activities to improve a client’s overall wellbeing.

    Clients will experience CBT-E sessions which work directly on maintaining their eating disorders. CBT-E is a treatment that is typically used to address a person’s eating disorder. Clients will attend group and individual therapy sessions. There are also individualized programs targeting specific areas of recovery in which clients attend five sessions each week. The center also provides a family program and aftercare to clients.

    Rise Treatment Centre accommodation

    The luxury rehab is located in the gorgeous Spanish city of Alicante. Guests stay in villas on the rehab’s lush grounds giving them their own unique space. Each villa has its own patio allowing guests to sit outside and take in the warm Spanish sun.

    Each villa is decorated in traditional, yet modern Spanish decor. Communal areas are available giving guests the chance to interact with each other. A swimming pool and patio area provide a relaxing escape for clients seeking a break from therapy. An on-site chef prepares meals for clients ensuring they get proper nutrition in the fight to regain their health.

    Rise Treatment Centre has focused on making therapy rooms wide and spacious. The size prevents clients from feeling suffocated when undergoing treatment.

    Rise Treatment Centre Privacy

    Rise Treatment Centre can accommodate up to 30 clients at a time. In spite of the number of clients on-site, guests can be assured their privacy is kept. The rehab’s one to one therapy sessions and individualized programs allow clients to spend time working directly with medical experts.

    What’s it really like?

    The luxury rehab’s location in Alicante makes it ideal for recovery. The region’s warm weather and beach locale provides guests with the chance to recover in one of the most popular travel destinations in Spain. Evidence-based holistic treatments provide clients with total healing addressing their co-occurring issues to fully treat eating disorders.

    Rise Treatment Centre Modality

    Evidence-based holistic treatments are used to treat clients suffering from eating disorders at Rise Treatment Centre. Eating disorders are not about food and the center’s expert staff focuses on treating underlying issues using CBT-E therapy.

    Rise Treatment Centre Facilities

    Clients will find quaint villas at their disposal at Rise Treatment Centre. Each villa is a safe place for guests and place to reflect on the rehab journey. The luxury rehab also boasts a swimming pool, on-site chef, and lush gardens.

    Rise Treatment Centre Setting

    Rise Treatment Centre is located in the beautiful Spanish resort city of Alicante. It is a popular destination thanks to its warm weather and proximity to gorgeous beaches. Alicante gets over 2,800 hours of sunlight each year.

    Rise Treatment Centre Cost

    Founded in 2019, the spanish luxury rehab facility has become a popular destination for individuals fighting eating disorders thanks to its specialization. The center offers stays up to 12 weeks along with three different programs including Clinical, Family, and Aftercare. The price to attend rehab at Rise Treatment Centre can range to $50,000 depending on the program and time spent in the rehab.

    Rise Treatment Center Clinicians

    Lauren March

    Jaqueline Gusman
    Psyhiatric Nurse

    Saskia Houten

    Clinical Director

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    Rise Treatment Clinic, Alicante

    Rise Rehab Clinic is a Good Treatment Clinic in Spain. Be sure to check the other options before you commit. We have a relationship with many Treatment Clinics and Can Secure Significant Discounts for Treatment.

    The Famous Marbella Rehab

    Alicante Rehab

    Alicante is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Alicante has mild winter temperatures, hot summers and little rain. Seasonal variations in temperature are also relatively small, meaning that winters are mild and summers are hot.

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    Rise Treatment Centre was founded in 2019 and in just a short time, has become a top destination for individuals fighting for their lives seeking treatment with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.